The Unification Mission

The Unification Series, Book #2

Disgraced. Captain Alma Johnson just killed a couple hundred of the twelve on Mars One Station. No one can decide if she’s a hero or a traitor. Now she’s been given a mission no one wants, to traipse across the galaxy to the Shimbahn Unification of 5 with artists, food and musicians in tow for trade. The Unification has assured the JC that they will trade for technology, but everyone thinks it’s a fool’s errand. What could the most powerful Empire in the galaxy want from humanity? However, this is Alma’s only chance to redeem herself in the eyes of her people, and she is determined to make the mission a success. 

Honored.  Admiral Var of House Zu has one more year of military duty until he takes his place as Emperor in the Shimbahn Unification of 5. He wants to be the Emperor, who saves his people. And he cannot fathom that humans are ignorant of what the Unification really wants from them as nothing in the galaxy is as it seems.

What will Alma sacrifice to be successful in her mission?


Will the Unification get what they want, or will the price be too high?


Will humanity even have a choice?


Coming soon in early 2020! 
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