The Mars One Incident

technology is the temptation

Captain Alma Johnson's Backstory


"This is an amazing sci-fi that will pull you in immediately and keep you reading to the end! Captain Johnson is a wonderful main character. You can read the author's synopsis if you want a summary, and the author's bio if you want that. This book has so much action and fresh ideas - this is a very unique story." 

Dr. Patricia Eroh, ★★★★★

(Amazon 19/11/2019)

"I love the pirates and excitement wrapped up in fictional space novel. The Mars One Incident is a space fanatic’s paradise. Kelly Curtis writes so you feel you are with Captain Alma Johnson as she learns her way around space stations. Her first mission is one that isn’t easy to complete and space is a big place to find a ship that doesn’t want to be found." Jojo Maxson, ★★★★

(Amazon 11/10/2019)

"It's a tale where there are basically two classes of people, those who are permitted to use technology and those who aren't. It'd be easy to walk backwards into what caused this rift, but this book doesn't really do much of that. It focuses on one of the people who are allowed to use technology: Captain Alma Johnson. She has to make a choice: Should she try to stop the coup that threatens a technology-free Earth, or let it happen? How should she stop it if she decides to? It's a situation where there are no easy or simple answers, and maybe no correct ones. It's a good angle on the realities of a futuristic space-based society and a theoretical tech-free counterpoint where there might be no neat and tidy answers and those who sit back in their easy chairs and play armchair referee might not understand because they weren't there."

Astrofan, ★★★★★

(Amazon 05/10/2019)

"A well done story, a little good plot excellent writing, a really wonderful protagonist and some interesting characters. The concept is really different and intriguing. Excellent job."

Robert Rozell, ★★★★

(Amazon 02/10/2019)

"Well rounded characters with both good traits & bad traits. Clever new society revolving around a more natural Earth with very limited tech & weapons. Peace & social interaction is the main reason for life."

GLT Reader & Enjoyer of High Fantasy, ★★★★★

(Amazon 01/10/2019)

"Thrilling read about Alma Hattie Johnson, soon to be the youngest peace time captain the history of the Earth 2630s. An earth that has given up on personal technology for all civilians due to the devastating effects overuse had in the 22nd century. Instead it is all about first persons meeting and your ability to socialize in your immediate communities. Captain Johnson comes from Savannah (GA) and we get to know what Earth is like through her eyes. Then we blast in to space where we are confronted with off-worlders, space pirates and a group of humans that are opposed to the current world order. In the end Alma is faced with a tough choice, where she cannot quite know who to trust and if there is even a right choice. This nicely sets the seen for what I believe to be further exciting adventures for Captain Johnson and her crew."

Tom, ★★★★★

(Goodreads 03/09/2019)

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"Imagining the world in 600 years seems like an impossible feat, yet author Kelly Curtis takes an impressive shot in her debut novel, The Mars One Incident. Alma Hattie Johnson is the fascinating hero and space captain at the center of this fast-paced thriller. From clever exposition of the relatively tech-free dystopia on terra firma to the far-flung vision of a galaxy teeming with other civilizations, Curtis has constructed an ambitious and thrilling world that is unexpectedly relatable. Easily accessible for sci-fi lovers and newcomers alike, The Mars One Incident marks the exciting launch of anew sci-fi universe." SPR, ★★★★

(Amazon 10/08/2019)

"This novel is intelligent and imaginative, and pursues a wide variety of currently relevant topics and science fiction subgenres." Catalina Bonati, Reedsy Discovery, ★★★★
(Discovery Reedsy, 11/16/2019)

"Imagine a time when humans are so peaceful they are known throughout the galaxy as a people of art, music and cooking. Unbelievable given how violent human history has been yet this world is plausible. Control fertility, segregate the malcontents and, most importantly, get rid of personal tech and inhibit reading to make people live in the now. There are people outside the system but they live in space and contact is nonexistent between the people of earth and everyone else unless they are in the military. This is a well-rounded story showing the culture through relationships with parents and other family members, friends, romantic relationships and, of course, shipboard structure. The story moves smoothly between earth and space events as events build. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the series." Cass Morrison  ★★★★★

(Goodreads, 02/12/2019)

"The Mars One Incident is a fairly straightforward science fiction story that predicates an interesting proposition - that the use of technology is responsible for all of humanity's woes and that by eliminating it we could reach a utopian state.." Grant Leishman, Reader's Favorite, ★★★★

(Reader's Favorite, 13/10/2019)

"Nice twist to this sci-fi epic. Eath has shunned technology almost completely. Whereas most sci-fi earth has tech but is lacking. This takes a new approach which was refreshing. I'll follow this series for sure." Joe Armstrong ★★★★★

(Amazon 28/09/2019)

"This is a great first book. I’m giving it four stars because it took me a chapter or two to get into the story. This is set in a future utopia where technology has been banned except for the military. Life is structured, your neighbors can decide if you can live in the same building, you have to apply to have children. Alma has a boyfriend, Scott, who she isn’t sure how she feels about. She has a friend, Christopher, who is a real friend to her. She has enemies and disappointed parents. She disobeyed orders. She is a wonderful hero. The ending is satisfying as it is, but also teases for the next book."

A. Holden, ★★★★

(Amazon 25/09/2019)

"The men in charge are all women. This is an infinitely welcome and refreshing change from so many other sci-fi tech novels, where men seem to be the only ones capable of executing all the science, engineering, and thinking. It manages to delve into the complexities of Alma Johnson's world- personal and professional. It's an interesting and thought-provoking read, perfect for everyone concerned about the direction we are headed." Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan, ★★★★

(Literary Titan  20/11/2019)