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The Great Leap Backward


Definition of the Great Leap Backward, Earth in the Solar Year 2135, taken from the Galactic Universal Database:

Humans abandoned almost all technology after they determined they were all suffering from an illness known as ‘tech flu.’ Humans also concluded that their planet, Earth, was trying to eradicate them due to technological advancements that harmed their environment. Humans believe that their planet is a living being. The sanctioning of technology on Earth was called The Great Leap Backward, and during that time, all new human technology became banned, including medical technology. Existing technology was also evaluated, and 95% of it was discarded or only allowed for use by military personnel. During this time, humans also abandoned their social media and all forms of communication except for standard transmission, which are stationary communication devices and are all communally shared. Joint Confederacy citizens are allotted sixty minutes weekly on a communal computer to check their Galactic Universal messaging accounts. Citizens are encouraged to meet in person for communication, which is made easier by the free trains, trams, and communal bicycles, all connecting major cities across their planet. Some JC citizens even live without running water or electricity to feel at one with nature and in harmony with their planet. Only members of the government and military are allowed instant communicators but are only allowed to use them for work purposes and on the Floating World.

Protecting Earth 


The Mission for Jump Drives

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