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Shimbahn Unification of 5 General Information

Updated: Mar 30

Shimbahn Unification of 5

Shimbahn Unification of 5 was established: Shim year one (Earth year: 4472 BCE)

Five core planets and 5,0443 vassals

One Unification Year=453 Earth days

One Unification Day=31 Earth hours

45 weeks of ten days, seven days of work and three days of rest

100 increments of 19 minutes (called decimals) in a day

Unification Population (not including non-Unification vassals): 432 trillion

Government: Empire with Hereditary High Council

Galactic Universal Seats: 24

Technology Level: 12

Medical: Level 14*

Life span: 238 Shim years, (357Earth years)

Society: Three classes, Shimbahn (warrior), Tri (trade) and Dapa (servant)

Religion: Shimbahn, pantheon of gods

Appearance: Grey skin with grey or green eyes, black hair, genetically similar to humans.

*Unification medicine can keep citizens alive indefinitely, however, due to religion, citizens prefer to die and avoid serious life-prolonging procedures.