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Q&A with Alma Johnson about her Unification Mission

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Q&A with Alma Hattie Johnson

Atlanta Military Guild, August 10, 2635

Military Guild Crier: Alma, some people are referring to the Mars One Incident as a massacre. What do you say to that?

Captain Alma Johnson: I wouldn’t agree.

GC: Would you like to expand on your answer?

AJ: No.

GC: Do you feel you were given a fair trial?

AJ: Is that a real question?



GC: Yes.

AJ: Yes.

GC: Do you mind if we talk about your crew for a minute?

AJ: Sure.

GC: Yes, they are very loyal to you in such a short time as you have only been their captain for a matter of months.

AJ: For good reason. I know what I am doing. Isn’t that what you want in a leader?

GC: Yes, yes. I think we are all surprised that none of them transferred off the Indy after the Mars One Incident. Were you surprised by that?

AJ: No.

GC: Would you like to expand on your answer?

AJ: I didn’t make my decision alone, although I took the responsibility for it. I feel like there are other things you want to ask me.

GC: It’s rumored that you and your first officer are planning on having children together. Is this true?

AJ: (Laughs) No. I’ve heard this rumor. We’ve been friends since childhood and that is all. What else have you got?

GC: You were treated without much respect last week in the Fine Art Guild of Paris when you were trying to recruit artists’ work for your next mission. Were you successful at all in securing any artists to join you?

AJ: Yes, this opportunity to trade with the Unification is very important and a few were able to see past their dislike of me and appreciate the gravity of the offer.

GC: Will your father be going with you?

AJ: Of course not.

GC: But he supports you in this endeavor?

AJ: He supports me as a father would a daughter. If you want to know his thoughts about trading with the Unification you must speak to him.

GC: On a more practical side, are you concerned about traveling to the Unification?

AJ: What do you mean?

GC: Being gone for three maybe six years if you can’t trade for jump drives. Or being surrounded by aliens.

AJ: I’m confident we will trade for those jump drives so it will only be a three year trip. As for the aliens, I meet aliens all the time in the solar system.

GC: Have you ever met anyone from the Unification before?

AJ: Not personally no.

GC: And you are not worried about this?

AJ: No. I am merely the transport there. The real negotiations will be up to our ambassador.

GC: Are you worried at all this could be a trap? That the offer is too good to be true?

AJ: It may be a trap, however the JC is in no position to not check it out regardless.

GC: And if it’s not a trap?

AJ: The JC will flourish with a strong new and rich trading partner.

GC: Some say, this all makes sense as Unification citizens and humans are very similar. What do you think?

AJ: I don’t think the Unification operates that way. They have taken no interest in us until now. We are no different to them than other species in the galaxy.

GC: I hope you are wrong Captain because I would definitely enjoy a preferred trading agreement with the Unification so that I could actually afford to eat an avocado rather than sending them all for export.

AJ: (Laughter) Unfortunately, I think it will be another year before you eat one. I plan on taking a lot of our best food and spices as well as art for trade.

GC: So I’ve heard. We wish all the best Captain.

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