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Music Program for the Unification Imperial Family-Spotify Playlist

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Alma checked her messages and looked through the music that would be presented to the Shimbahn Unification of 5's Imperial Family. She thought that the JC was being very conservative in its music choices, but she reminded herself that the Unification was a traditional and very religious civilization, so maybe that is why the Cultural Guild had decided to choose the oldest and blandest of music to present. She supposed if you have never really heard or paid attention to music before, maybe it was best to start simply. Alma also supposed these choices were made as it was easier to transport singers without a lot of instruments. But then thinking about that detail further, she thought that was silly as she was sure the Unification Imperial Palace must be hugely impressive. And smiled again thinking about her mission as she looked at the list again.


Dona Nobis Pacem

Scarborough Fair

High Mountains and Flowing Waters

Eine kleine Nachtmusik Allegro

Closing: The Flower Duet (From "Lakme")

If you are curious, you can check out the playlist on Spotify by following the link or clicking on the picture below: